Our Services

With over 20 years experience, our extensive knowledge and comprehensive cleaning and maintenance schedules can be tailored to fit your needs based on the following:

Basic Cleaning Service:

This basic service consists of removing all debris, vacuuming, brushing and sanitation.

Basic Chemical Service:

This service includes testing the chemical levels of your pool/spa water and making all necessary changes for healthy water levels which help extend equipment life.

Inspection/Repair of Pool Surface and Equipment:

We will inspect the surface of your pool/spa and all equipment and advise you of any required repairs. This service also includes plumbing inspection and repair (if needed), and acid washing.

Equipment Upgrades:

Upon request, upgrades to your entire pool/spa system can be recommended to help improve equipment life, energy and efficiency and savings, as well as compliance with the ever-changing safety and health codes.

Vacation Service:

Just need us to take care of the pool while you are out of town? No problem! Short-term, on-call services are available; call us at
(951) 733-4330 today for our current special rate.

Salt Systems:

Even if you have a mineral-based or salt water pool, we can provide a complete and comprehensive maintenance schedule to suit your needs. Give us a call at (951) 733-4330 today for more details.

Spa Service:

A full-service schedule for your spa that you can count on.

'Green Pool' Clear-Up:

Nothing is worse than going out in the backyard for a swim and seeing that your pool is coated with green algae. The algae not only lives on the walls of your pool, but also inside the pipes and pool equipment. Hours of scrubbing and the addition of the wrong type of chemicals can cost you time and money, just to see that a week later your pool is as green as it ever was. Many "professional" pool cleaners can't even get the job done right, but Wetworks Pool Care can cure your green pool problems.

Chemicals Evaluation & Adjustment:

Having the proper pH and chlorine levels is essential in the upkeep of your pool. An imbalance in the pH can cause cloudy or murky water, which isn't very inviting to swim in. Too much or too little chlorine can be harmful to you, and create unswimmable conditions. With the proper chemical analysis, Wetworks Pool Care is able to apply the best combination and quantity of chemicals to adjust and maintain a safe chemical balance. Pool chemicals can be harmful or even deadly when used in the wrong concentration, so always let a trained professional like Wetworks Pool Care take care of your pool's chemical levels.

Debris Removal:

Various factors can affect the cleanliness of your pool. These include the weather and environment, yard maintenance crews that blow grass clippings and leaves into your pool, bugs and small animals, and the frequency of the pool's use. Without maintenance, debris can affect the appearance and swimability of your pool water. Wetworks Pool Care does what's necessary, from skimming to scrubbing and vaccuuming, to keep your pool's water clear of debris.

Filter Cleaning:

The filter is a necessary component of your pool that helps remove debris. It is essential that this component is regularly serviced. Wetworks Pool Care can inspect and clean your pool's filter at your request. Filter cleaning services should typically be done at least twice a year, so if you are due for a filter cleaning, call (951)733-4330 for an appointment.