Pool Care... is it necessary?

Absolutely! Regular maintenance and cleaning keep your pool looking great, but it helps ensure the longevity of your equipment and protects your investment. Pool care is essential in terms of safety when it comes to your family and friends and a clean, helathy pool promotes the use of your investment.


Even if you use an automatic pool cleaner, you still need to vacuum your pool once a week (in the least), or more depending on usageare. Persistant vacuuming removes the debris that is missed by your systems filtration system. Be sure to brush the sides of your pool as well. This step helps minimize the growth of bacteria that can build-up on the walls of your pool due to lack of water circulation (non-use). Brush toward the drain by starting at the shallow end of your pool. A clean deck is a safe deck... always remove trash around or on your pool deck and sweep or rinse off the deck to help minimize dirt and other particles from entering your pool.


Your filter removes debris and other matter not visible to the naked eye. It is an essential component of your pool's system and it should be cleaned at least once a month. For a sand filtration system filter, reverse the flow of water through the system for approximately 5 minutes or until the water looks clear. If your system uses a cartridge filter, simply remove the filter and hose the filter to displace any and all debris; then replace.


Circulation (use) is your pool's best friend. Bacteria and algae can not accumulate in your pool water if your pool or spa gets plenty of use. Extensive use also moves any debris into the pool's filtration system.Water in motion makes it difficult for bacteria and algae to take hold. It also moves debris for capture by the filter.

Water Testing & Maintenance

Water testing and maintenance are a necessary, vital factor in owning a pool. Your pool/spa water must be tested, measured and adjusted accordingly to achieve a good pH balance and adequate level of sanitizer. Frequency of use, number of swimmers and product application are all contributing factors that can contribute to your pool's water quality. The longer your pool goes without water testing and mainenance, your pool can quickly turn into a health hazard for your and your family. Furthermore, prolonged oversight can ruin the surface of your pool and may include equipment failure. Always follow the provided instructions when using a test kit and/or chemicals or contact me to inquire about our services for your your specific needs.
There is no greater satisfaction than basking in the enjoyment of your beautiful pool while BBQ'ing with family and friends poolside!